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HTZ is the biggest sheltered workshop in Slovenia, and with some more than 800 employees, also the biggest subsidiary company in the group of Velenje Coal Mine.

Modernity, professional expertise, long lasting experience and high technological development assure flexibility and innovation of the firm, which is oriented towards values of humanity and social responsibility.


The essential advantage of the firm HTZ is variety and difference of programmes. The success is based upon development and keeping of long lasting partnerships and strategic acquiring of new business opportunities. We are distinguished for wide specialist knowledge in a field of maintenance and service of different, especially mining devices, where also designing, execution, installation, and automation can be provided.

We co-operate with the biggest Western European manufacturers of electric, mechanical and safety equipment for mining, building and industry. We are also authorised repairer of superior German suppliers of mining equipment for Slovenia and countries of former Yugoslavia. In overall, we are in charge of rescue equipment, performing electric and mechanical repairs and maintenance, maintaining different rooms, washing and cultivating of laundry, graphic design and photocopying. There is also a special industrial plant for making personal means of protection. Innovative programmes of renewable energy resources, photovoltaics and superior nanotechnology for water filtration, helps us to broaden our activity also on new, perspective and future oriented sectors.